Makena Shot ????

Hello ladies,

Next week I am 16 weeks pregnant and scheudled to begin my Makena Shots to help with preterm labor. I've had one pregnancy before this one where I went into spontaneous labor at 24 weeks gestational.

My OBGYN reccommended the Makena shots along with Prenatal Vitamins, folic acid prescription, baby asprin daily, and progesterone pills (which will end when I begin the shots).

However, I saw a specialist at the Maternal Fetal Medidicne on Wednesday for my first cervical length measurment. My cervical length looked great and we are off to a good start!! The specialist explained to me a new study that found that Makena has no relation to helping prevent preterm labor and showed a trend of stillborn births. Not enough of a trend to become data but it was present. She told me there was no right or wrong answer but to pray on it and choose what I believe is best for my pregnancy.

I asked my OBGYN who is highly known and reputable in my area, and she said its my choice. She does have many patients who recieve the shots and are happy. But ultimately we need to decide.

I am at a loss. I dont want to say no to something that could benefit my baby, but say yes to something that could hurt my baby.

Have any of you had the Makena shots? What were your experiences? Would you reccommend the shots to someone?