Harassed for not wearing a bra HELP

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I need help. Please.

I am on probation so sometimes we (me and 45ish other people) have to wake up very early and drug test.

I do not wear a bra, never really have. Now that I’m pregnant my breasts are getting bigger and my probation officers have taken notice. They sent a lady to talk to me and say that I make the men uncomfortable. She says if I don’t start wearing a bra I will be refused a drug test and be sent to jail. It’s so frustrating! Now every time I go in I’m asked if I’m wearing a bra in front of everyone. The men even have meetings about it. I’m so embarrassed and I just want to hide and cry. Can I file sexual harassment? Please if anyone knows how to combat this?

I know some of you ladies will say just put on a bra. But that’s not the point. It’s none of their business. It’s not my fault that grown ass men can’t control themselves.