Letrozole/Diva cup


Hi ladies. I’m recently diagnosed with pcos, and started letrozole 7.5mg this month. I think I am ovulating now, I have cramps like crazy but I wonder if it’s from wearing my diva cup? My doctor suggested I use my cup after BD to keep the sperm close to the cervix. I’m also worried that it might interrupt something. Has anyone tried this with success?🥴

My doctor said my left ovary has a follicle size 18mm on CD 13 and my right had I think 2 that were only 14mm. And that my lining was thick. Oddly enough along with my cramps on the left side, I am having mild cramps on the right. I’m now CD 17, wondering if I could be ovulating on both sides if that’s even a thing.

Just looking for advice, information, or support!!!