Teenage fwb?

Hello so me and my friend have been buds for a few months. I had been involved w a different relationship at the time but he caught feelings and eventually they went away. When he learned I was available he asked me out and we went on a few dates and made out but we both agree that we aren’t attracted to each other romantically. He asked if a fwb situation would work and I have thought of it myself. Is it possible to have a fwb if you aren’t physically/ romantically/emotionally attracted to them? He has a lot more experience than me and this could be a good opportunity to get some practice in right? He’s going off to college in a month so if things do end badly then it won’t be terribly difficult.

On the flip side, it was super nice to finally get some action after months but I don’t see that I need it, like I’m doing fine on my own but it would be nice to get some action on the regular. He said I was really good and maybe that’s why he wants fwb? Idk, what do y’all think/ what advice/stories can you share?