Friends with benefits but I don't want it to be

I have a guy that I'm seeing that i met through a friend and we've been chatting in a big group with other friends since March. We started talking separately on various social media sites and also met up several times just to chill, talk and sometimes smoke. One time he came rnd to my house to smoke and we ended up kissing and falling asleep but nothing more. Since then he has come to mine and i have gone to his and weve had oral sex with eachother.

The problem is that we are both moving away in September to goto Universities that are nearly 4 hours away from eachother and i think he doesn't want a relationship. I asked him once what he thought 'we' were but he just said he didnt know.

I really like him and i want to have sex with him but im also a virgin and i dont want to loose my virginity whilst not in a relationship.

Just to clarify he is not a bad person at all. He is very sweet and we message daily he always asks how i am and meets up to go out with me to the beach etc but theres no clarification of what we are and it making me really nervous.

Could anyone give me some advice? ☺️