Off and on again moments


Any advice on how to work with your friend who says she’s over a guy but isn’t ?

I’m back and forth with her by saying yeah he’s not shit don’t go back, to yeah maybe he has a reason, to do whatever you want.

As the friend going through the situation would you prefer a listener who lets your behavior slide or would you want someone to say it as it is.

It was a FWB encounter and they’ve been sleeping together for maybe 5 months now ( since Feb? I think) She says herself she didn’t want a relationship with him and he was whatever about it too. Although she expected the qualities of a relationship without the relationship. I told her to set her rules and standards for a fwb encounter with him. She would always brush me off and stop talking about it. I feel like if you’re not willing to have open communication why would you expect more from the situation? It’s one of those closed mouths don’t get fed moments. She says he’s a dick for not talking to her a lot or taking her out which I can see why because she has some sort of feelings invested. Although I feel like he’s not obligated to text her 24/7 if they’re not in a relationship / even close to one.

More recently she told me it’s over but they didn’t have a confirmed thing it just fizzled. It doesn’t matter to me if she decided to start things back up with him. I told her she should at least communicate to not repeat history. She says she doesn’t want anything more with him but her actions show otherwise... and I’ll leave it at that.

So I guess I’m wondering when she comes to me to vent / help... what do I say when I’ve already told her different approaches ? Even if I’m just there to listen how would I even respond without making it an advice session