Appendicitis or constipation?? Please help!


I have horrible digestion but I’ve been doing things to try and help like eating prunes daily and taking medi mucil when I need it. Today I was masturbating of all things and when I was shifting positions my toy accidentally went really deep and it kind of hurt but it was just a light cramp so I kept going. I finished and everything was fine until I got up. I can’t walk without bending over and I couldn’t put my pants on. It hurts to move too. The pain is mostly on the lower right side of my abdomen and hurts super bad when I press on it. My whole stomach hurts but it’s not like nausea it just feels like I have heartburn but all over my stomach if that makes sense. I went to pee and it was cramping really bad while I was peeing. I have no idea what’s going on but it hurts so bad that I was in tears because I couldn’t get up.