I don't know what to think anymore

I don't understand the relationship I have with my husband.

He would provide, but like some kind of charity person, comes home ask if I need anything, stays for two hours (mostly on his phone ignoring me , then playing with our son a little at least that) then he leaves and does his own thing.

He never calls me nice names but he insults me whenever he has an opportunity to do it. I'm a stay at home mom and one of the things that comes out a lot is " that's my money ", "all you do is using up all my money ".

He also uses swear words normally with me. Even in normal speech it's always "bark" instead of "I'm listening speak " things like this. I'm not his friend I'm his (pregnant) wife and always talks rudely to me.

Btw there isn't really a physical relationship between us, I wish he would at least call me nice names and give me nice hugs but honestly I'm not gonna beg for that either.

When he calls me he asks about my little one which is great I'd be completely upset if he didn't ask about his own child, but somehow he never asks me how I'm doing.

I don't know, is that really ok for a marriage to be like this ?

I mean I kind of don't care about the insults anymore, it doesn't hurt me anymore because he does it too many times . When I insult back he gets offended as if he has feelings and I don't or something.

I don't get this relationship, is he my friend ? What is he? I don't have that "family feeling " with him, I don't know how to explain but I don't feel like we belong together. I just feel like my family is my child but not him.

He is like a part time or a ghost figure I'd say, but he does provide I have to give this one to him. However he always mentions it everyday if he spends something he will have to go on about it.

Do all SAHM have to hear "my money my money" all the time?

I mean when the children go to school and I start working again, I could be the same but I'd never dare to say something like this to someone I'm married to you know, I mean what's mine is his.