My boyfriend getting it together

Ladies, I need advice without judgement (don't tell me something you wouldn't do)

Long story short my boyfriend is driving with a suspended license.. he was supposed to get it in Jan. We're in JULY!!it's only $300 to get them re-instated he works a full time job when i ask him he gets snappy with me. He owes 1,019 in probation fees he said he paid them he didn't (i called his probation officer) if he doesn't pay it'll be a warrant out for his arrest, he keeps lying saying he's paid it. He's 28 with a job getting paid weekly, no bills besides a phone bill, food and a way to work. I love him, he's soooo sweet,funny and im super comfortable with him. I enjoy his company but 🤷🏽‍♀️ I want for him and he doesn't seem Adamant about it like me.. I'm 22 and I work a full time job pay $700 in bills and trying my best to save. I feel like he just smokes weed, drinks and eat out. I dont know where the money is going and us talking about it brings tension.