Idk what to title this

I let my mom know she needs to go to the store tomorrow and get more pads. She tells me "you can use the ones in the green wrapper, they don't have wings". I told her those are gone and she looked surprised and told me "no, there's like 8 left" I gave her a look and said well mom, see, I got my period yesterday and I still have it today. I think I would know if there was considering I'm the one bleeding.

Like really? I know she only gets light 2-3 day periods and it's not even every month, but come on do I gotta spell it out for you? 😂

I have 3 pads left and if she thinks that's gonna last me 4 more days she thinks wrong. First 4 days I probably use 12-16 and the last two days I just use liners.

Can't wait until I can drive myself to the store and just pick them up myself