Any advice my god son was hurt

So I called my best friend the other day asking her why I haven’t seen my God child and she explained to me how he fell out the crib and ended up having this large deep cut but she didn’t take him to the hospital because she feared that they will call Children’s and family, so she went and put neurospin and a home remedy ( we are both Haitians so if you use tabac then you know). So We just got off the phone and she send me a picture of it which doesn’t look bad but I’m concerned of it leaving a mark and etc. the home remedy she put hasn’t fallen out and as I’m texting her , I read about Dermabond glue which I encouraged her to buy, she stated that she plans to take him for a check up once everything is healed.

Please don’t go bashing or anything like that because she is a good single mother and ik she should’ve token him to the hospital because it was an accident but in the times we are living in they blame you for anything that happens to the minor child. So now it’s like she’s trying not to tell the father because she knows what he would say and she doesn’t know what to do so I’m asking the mother to give me mother to mother advice on what should she do because I am worried for my god son and how exactly his wound will heal.