Am I wrong? Is he? Some of each? Please give me some input

TLDR: I was proud and excited about my cake, my husband initially didn’t want to try it, then only offered a criticism. Now we’re both upset with each other.

My new pandemic hobby has been learning how to bake and decorate cakes. I’m still not great but getting better and tonight I made the best cake so far! I was excited and asked my husband to try it. He’s been supportive of my buying decorating supplies and thinks it’s cool that I have this new hobby and that I’m trying to learn how to make a nice cake for our sons bday. I thought he’d be excited to try it and be supportive.

He doesn’t usually like sweet things so he said no. By the time I was done cleaning up the kitchen and everything, it had been an hour and I decided to ask again. I was about to throw out the cake trimmings and extra frosting. (I saved the cake I made with the basic frosting to practice decorating tomorrow).

So I said “I’m about to throw the extra away, you sure you don’t want to try?” And he said yeah ok. I gave him a bite and he said nothing. So I was like “what do you think?” And he was like “the frosting is too buttery”

It really hurt my feelings. I guess I shouldn’t have asked him again to try the cake when he had already said no. But I feel like I’m always supportive of his hobbies. Maybe it’s unfair of me but I feel like if it were me I would’ve just taken one bite of cake and found something nice to say before offering a criticism. When he made pickles that’s what I did.

I was visibly sad when he said that, and when he asked me what’s up, I told him I was kinda just looking for some positive feedback. He got upset that I was upset and went to bed.