Am I wrong for taking his money?

Trying to keep this short. My husband of 10 years has been mostly working out of town for 3 years. We have a 3.5 years old daughter. I have been doing everything for her and my stepson since then (and before for his son). I also work for my husbands company full time from home, making a decent amount of money considering I work whenever I can and needed (sometimes 0 hours a day, sometimes 16 hours a day). But all my money goes toward our bills (the ones I have where we live), he pays for his apartment etc where he lives.

Anyways, a couple of month ago I found out he was cheating for almost 2 years, I broke up with him. His stepson (22) just moved out and in with his girlfriend, so I don’t have that responsibility anymore.

Now he wants to buy a house for our daughter and I, and buy me a decent car. I feel like after everything I deserve it (not really entitled to it, but yeah) and he’s fine with it. He wants to make sure we are doing well, and I am still working and paying bills. But his family makes it sound like I’m just taking advantage of him and using him, they even told him to not do it and let me figure it out on my own.

My credit is good and I have some savings, but I don’t feel it’s wrong to take his money after everything he put me through? And it’s not like I‘d sit on my ass doing nothing, his company wouldn’t be the same without me, his daughter wouldn’t be, and I‘m still working to provide for us. Do I am wrong for taking his money or letting him buy a house just for our daughter and I?