Moms I have a question

Moms who have had a miscarriage between pregnancies... I have a question for you!

Do you feel like something is missing?

I constantly feel like I’m still missing someone or something. I’m constantly thinking about a third. I’m constantly thinking about “if I were to get pregnant now the baby would be due such and such”

My first almost 6, my second is almost 18 months.

I would have had a 3 year old at the end of June had I not miscarried.

I have had pretty hard pregnancy and hard recoveries but nothing I wouldn’t do again and again and again and again and again for my beautiful babies! I hemorrhages where I almost needed a transfusion and we (both baby and I) needed to be

Transported to a better hospital, had spinal fluid leak out to where I needed a blood patch. I would do it all again and over and over a thousand times and more.

I can’t stop thinking about 3rd child but my husband says no more children. He says it’ll take years off his life *if* I survive.

We joke that the kids have almost killed me but in reality they pretty much almost did. And he said he wouldn’t know what to do with 3 kids if I actually died during child birth or after child birth.

(Also I have had heart surgery)

My REAL QUESTION was if you ever got over your feeling of Missing the person you lost (the baby Iost between) or if you ever got the feeling of wholeness