what’s going on ???

Hi everyone! So for the past month I’ve been experiencing a lot of weird things. On June 24 I ended my period. It was a really short. For me which is not very normal for my cycle. On the last day of my. Me and my boyfriend dry humped each other and I touched his penis and then touched myself( he never came that day but I wasn’t sure if there was ever pre-cum on my fingers ) to ease my mind my boyfriend bought me a Plan B and I took it that same day. Now I know what you thinking why would you take a Plan B if you never had sex, I am still a virgin and I’ve never had vaginal sex but after reading things online it freaked me out so much that I just needed to take a Plan B to ease my mind I knew what I was getting myself into before I took it so I understand a lot of this could be caused by that but just hear me out. Ever since then I’ve been experiencing so many symptoms like sore breast, headaches, fatigue, Nausea, hot flashes, mood swings, light abdominal cramps and constipation. I’m also nine days late on my period and I don’t really have irregular periods. Now again I know that A delayed period is a symptom of Plan B but I am just worried because after reading things online and researching you shouldn’t be having symptoms from plan b for this long. I’ve taken now three pregnancy test and they’ve all come up negative. I just don’t know what to do I keep stressing out and overthinking everything and I know it’s just making things worse. Please somebody help me and help me understand what’s going on. Also please if you could be kind in the comments I know I made a lot of stupid decisions through all of this and I probably sound crazy but I’m still young and I never really had a good sex education growing up so someone could please help me without being rude that be great.