Left my boyfriend of 7 years... how do I make sure I don’t miss him?


I want to make this as short as possible because there’s a lot of things that went wrong in our relationship.

My ex bf and I recently got back from a vacation two days ago. Things were going well until yesterday, when he did something I told him I’d leave him if he ever did it again. He was “playing around” by restraining me down to my bed while i was asleep. I woke up very agitated, hot and unable to move. I kept asking him to get off of me because I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

He didn’t listen, so when I finally broke free of one hand, I used it to slap him across the face (not super hard) ... I wish I hadn’t but I was feeling violated. In response to me slapping him, he punched me hard in my ribs and kept trying to hit me over and over.

Enough is enough and I’m tired of this toxicity. Kicked him out yesterday, but I honestly haven’t cried or have the feeling of wanting him back in my home... he simply isn’t mature enough yet, and I refuse to continue to let him disrespect me physically and emotionally by comparing me to other girls he could have, when we argue. I simply do not care anymore, but I don’t think it’s best for me to let him back into my life.

How do I make sure he doesn’t come back?