hurt, confused

last Saturday night my husband was in a bad car accident when he called me he passed me his phone to a person who witness the accident when he was telling what happened he said to my husband“hey man Denise is calling you”

Denise is someone he met on Facebook and talked to since may, he had promised he stopped talking to her after my miscarriage a couple weeks ago. My miscarriage was due to my high blood pressure, he blames himself about it saying it’s his fault because of the times me made me cry and angry about her.

I was so devastated hearing that over the phone because in a bad accident he called her first instead of me, when I asked him about it he said that he couldn’t get ahold of his roommate (since they’re in a different state working) and that she called her to tell him since her and his roommate know each other.

I’m so hurt and confused I don’t know what to believe anymore, he broke his phone the following day and he barely calls me a 3 minute phone call a day from his roommates phone, I start to overthink and feel like he’s calling her as well.

I don’t know what to do