He never buys me anything. Should I be mad?

So me and my boyfriend been together about a year and he’s never bought me anything except one pair of lashes which I got on Aliexpress after continuously asking (and as you know lashes on there are like $3)

When we were first talking, the first few months in he asked me to buy him a Call of Duty game that would be coming out in a few months and so I said why not and got it. I got him a birthday present last month, I would send him money to get something to eat before he started working again, I got him PlayStation cards and other things that he wanted or needed.

He’s always telling me how he can’t wait to spoil me and get me whatever I want and etc. We’re also saving money so we can move out together soon but a couple weeks ago, I seen these cute $8 nipple rings on Facebook and I asked him to get it for me and he said “no I wanna take care of the necessities first” then days later he gets $100 worth of games (he has like 4 or 5k in savings)

Last night I asked him to get me customized bamboo earrings where they have your name on them and the most they are is like $50. Once again, same thing. So I said fuck it, nvm I’ll get them for myself and caught an attitude and when I get mad is when he always decides to act interested in what I want and asks me how much they cost (he did the same with the nipple ring after i got mad) I told him don’t worry about it I’ll get them myself and went to sleep. I don’t want him to be forced to get me stuff or have to get upset just to get one thing 🙄. Am I overreacting about this?

And I don’t NEED him to buy me anything to feel good, it would be nice to get at least what I ask him for when they’re not a lot.