I’m so freaking upset! COVID exposure. 😩

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As of yesterday, I’m 36 weeks. I’ll probably have to go earlier since I had cholestasis with my first. So far, I don’t have the elevated levels, but I’m prepared to go early... anyway...

We’ve spent the past few months being so careful with COVID. We’ve isolated and sanitized and worn masks and socially distanced... but none of that matters if the step kids’ mother doesn’t do the same. We got my stepdaughter (8) Friday after school. She was coughing and I was very uncomfortable with it. My daughter (2) and I separated into another part of the house and had minimal contact with her. Monday after school she came home saying she was having a hard time breathing. I immediately got her in at the doctor and had her tested. At the appointment, we found out that she had been running a fever last week and her mother didn’t tell us a thing about it. Not a single thing.

So we got her results back today and she was positive. She sent her over here knowing she had symptoms. Knowing she was sending her to a house that was very careful and had a pregnant woman and 2 year old there, as well as my husband. I cannot believe how incredibly selfish people can be.

I had to have a conversation with my step daughter to tell her it wasn’t her fault because she was blaming herself. She said she should have told her mom that she didn’t feel safe going around all of the people she had them around. She said if someone in our house got it because of her, she would never forgive herself. That is so sad. Thankfully, she’s saying now that she feels less guilty after our talk. I told her that as a kid, her responsibility is to be a kid. And as her parents/adults in her life, it’s an adult’s job to protect their kids and make the tough decisions. I just can’t believe people. And when my husband told her that their daughter had been tested, she didn’t even call her that night to check on her. I can’t even process that.

Now I just have to sit here and hope to God I don’t catch it in the last freaking month of my pregnancy. Has anyone had a family member test positive and they didn’t catch it? I’m being so careful, but I’m scared. I just needed to vent.

EDIT: I DID CHECK ON THE COUGH AND TALK TO SCHOOL STAFF BEFORE BRINGING HER TO SCHOOL MONDAY. I was told that her cough was a result of a sinus infection that she was being treated for and the staff told me to send her to school because there was no fever.