Baby needs out 😭


So with breach baby how did you know your labor was officially starting? I’ve had my labor stopped twice in the last month. no cervical progression though 😔 so they keep sending me home. I am beyond uncomfortable and I can’t have a scheduled c-section for atleast another 2 weeks. I’ve had contractions strong but not frequent since 2pm Sunday. Had my appointment and cervical check yesterday at 4pm. 2cm and 50% effacement which is no change from last time. did a bit of walking today and went swimming to try and flip baby(unsuccessfully). Still contracting still pretty strong but I don’t want to go back just to sit there and go home again. Dr thinks I’ll go into labor before next Monday but I’m having doubts now. Need stories experiences so I know what to possibly expect. My first pregnancy was a breeze so this one is 🙄.