is this bad of me to do?

Kimberly • momma to be 🤰🏽 to aaliyah marie

hello everyone, so i'm going to try and make this super short and quick so none of you lose interest.

basically, i'm pregnant and most of my moms side of the family knows and my fiances side of the family does too. they've known for about a month and a half i would say. i live with my mom so i knew i had to tell her before anyone else in the family and so i did especially because hiding my appointments from her were getting tiring, plus i knew she would figure it out at one point.

my dad's in my life but i don't see him as much, especially because of covid. see, my dad still doesn't know that i'm pregnant and it's for several reasons.

1) he does not like my fiance, he refuses to even meet him for a completely stupid reason.

2) he has anger issues that genuinely scares my family.

my mom and grandma both agreed that i should tell my dad over the phone. they want to do it as a precaution just in case his anger gets to him, there's no harm done to me.

i love my dad but i'm not ready. i feel like i should be able to tell him when i feel 100% ready to face it. obviously, i plan on doing it soon because i'm already in my second trimester.

so here's the thing, my aunt from my dads side knows. she continuously texts me that i have to tell my dad, that he deserves to know already, that it's about respect. this pisses me off because yes, he does deserve to know. of course he does, it's not like i'm never going to tell him.

so because it was getting to me, i told her, "this is my pregnancy, i will tell him when i'm ready. this is my choice and if you were in my position, you would understand"

is this wrong of me? i just feel like i should do it when i feel ready, i'm tired of her telling me so much to tell him. especially when she doesn't know how it feels.