people commenting on size while pregnant 😐

so i’m 23 weeks tomorrow and i didn’t really start to show until about 18-20 weeks but this is my first. i’ve always been very petite. i’m 5’3 and pre pregnancy i was about 105. last appt i was 112 so i’m probably about 115 now. my boyfriends family and my grandma are ALWAYS commenting on how small i am and saying i need to “feed that baby!” when i’ve been told my weight gain is appropriate. they’ll also say “i look like that after eating a cheeseburger” and all i can do is fake laugh because i feel awkward and don’t like being criticized on my size, pregnant or not. i’ve always hated how small i am so it’s been a little hard adjusting to even the smallest amount of weight gain but i think i’m filling in nicely. i also have a very fast metabolism so i could never keep weight so now that i am i can FEEL the difference. anyway.. just a little rant but anyone else been getting a lot of comments on their size since becoming pregnant 🙄