It’s this offensive?


So, today I told one of my friends (let’s call her Chloe) that I was officially moving.

I’m from a small town and was moving to a big city. Now, I’m bi and not many people in my town are bi or a lesbian so there would be more chance with me finding a same sex partner when I moved.

One of the questions I asked all my friends once I told them I was moving was “Do you like I would get a boyfriend or girlfriend first?”

Chloe guesses boyfriend which is totally fine but as I’m telling another friend over the phone about me moving and ask him the question, Chloe suddenly says “I reckon your straight, yeah, I bet you will become straight.”

Now, we’ve had MANY Conversations about me being bi but she gets pretty  awkward about it. When she first said it I was instantly offended but when I got back home and talked to another friend about it, she didn’t really understand and now I’m not sure of what Chloe said was offensive or not.

I think it is but I’m not sure. What do u think? Being bi is apart of me and who I am, just the same as having blue eyes. Do you get what I mean? I can’t change who I’m interested it. But is what she said offensive?