Abortion years ago

Hi everyone. I had a surgical abortion when I was 20 years old. I just turned 27 and it still bothers me. I still become paranoid that it’s going to happen again. Unfortunately I developed anxiety, depression and OCD from it all. The place I went to the people were very sweet it was just traumatic for me. There’s times where (and I know obviously this is my fault) I’ll go out and have fun with my friends and we’ll drink and it doesn’t matter if I only have a few drinks or really drink a lot I’m always afraid that maybe I did something and couldn’t remember so I always get paranoid I’m not going to get my period. I’ve even taken plan b sometimes because I was scared even though I’m on birth control also. If anyone has any advice for me I’d appreciate it. Also I took a test this month last week. Because a situation like what I just described happened in June and I’ve already been told nothing happened but I’m still paranoid. This is a picture of the test.