Am I in the wrong? Should I even been upset?

My boyfriend of 7 years has shamed me the moment we moved in together about 5 years ago about watching porn. Especially while he is at work we got into a big fight. He explained how it was wrong and since then I felt a way about him watching porn. If he felt so strongly about it being wrong for me it must be wrong for him too right??? Well.... wrong! He is allowed to do what he pleases. I have found porn on his phone MANY times it would make me sad and upset. Because I stopped for him. I even stopped masturbating. But he continued the worst part is when I stopped trying to find it on his phone and I was just going to accept it, he would accidentally leave it up and try to show me something on his phone and then be like oh shit and try and close out if it really fast. I just decided that it wasn’t a big deal and I didn’t care anymore but then when he started to use MY iPad it really upset me. I had a talk with him and I told him I didn’t care that he watched porn but he wasn’t going to use my devices to do it. (Including shared devices) well this was 2 years ago. Now I’m 7 months pregnant and I find him downloading porn games on MY computer I confronted him about it he then deleted them all. He would also delete the history. So not only is he downloading games but probably watching porn too. But I saw about two weeks ago he downloaded some more. I didn’t even bother confronting him because I just didn’t have the energy but last night he downloaded even more. He barely makes me cum. I don’t enjoy sex anymore but we still have sex absolutely min of 4 times a week. yesterday we had sex 3 times in one day and he still downloads porn games on my computer. I think the thing that makes me most upset is that we are in the same room! He just waits until I’m sleeping. I just find it so disrespectful. Why isn’t his phone good enough. Why does he have to do it in my shit? Am I wrong?