21 weeks pregnant... and I think she’s in my back and ribs

Mj • •👼🏼C 💙•H🌈

So I gave a condition that makes the cartilage in my chest that holds my ribs to my sternum to break and not do it’s job. Because of this I’ve had countless surgeries to fix and remove ribs! One of my biggest concerns was when baby got big and kicked where my ribs were that is still very tender. Luckily she has been really low so it’s been good! (Knock on wood) mentally preparing to get kicked in broken ribs and the pressure on my diaphragm isn’t much help either 😅😬 here is the bump at almost 21 weeks! Still so tiny, I’m a little sad I haven’t popped yet 😢 but I think she’s going to soon! Anyone else have something they are dealing with on top of pregnancy? My mom had surgery a couple weeks before my brother was born and he would kick a ton and she said it was 10x more painful that child birth!!

Big scars on both sides! I love them though.