Dad is toxic

My dad used to be a alcoholic and all he does is smoke cigarette's in the garage all day he won't take me to the store, he doesn't work.

He took a mortgage on the house and filed for bankruptcy and he didn't tell my mom would give her $20 two weeks worth of groceries the kids had no clothes she had to find cloth around the house and made us clothes so what did he do with the fifty grand.

We sold the house three hundred thousand dollars two hundred thousand gone to pay back debts. We moved to a new house put down $25,000 paying monthly $2000 and he didn't work and put the money in stocks without asking my mom she told him to put $10,000 for each of her kids in the bank a CD or trust fund for college when we graduated high school we found out what he did and all this time since selling the house my mom would work and work meanwhile he did nothing and she used the money to feed us put clothes on us

He is grumpy smokes cigarette's and we all want to go out do family stuff and sometimes we depend on him for rides because we hate driving on freeway but he says no. My mom is the only one working and we need to get groceries and he says no he won't go out he won't teach me how to drive

What kind of dad is he

Please share any other dads out there who aren't worth shit