Should I try calling him or leave him alone ?

I asked this question a couple days ago so sorry to anyone that’s seen the prior question...but a guy that I was only seeing for about 3 weeks (i know😭😭) got me pregnant... I insisted on condoms initially but gave in too... anyway I found out last Sunday and it’s been just over a week since he’s texted me, and almost 2 weeks since I’ve seen him (he used to text me daily and we’d see each every 2-3 days. I’m a single mom to 20 month old twins and I’ve just been a nervous wreck dealing with the pregnancy news alone.... I’m assuming he’s ghosted me (I texted him on this past Sunday again asking if he’s ok and no response) so he probably won’t be interested in the pregnancy either especially this early... but part of me wants to tell him because I am considering going them with my pregnancy... I was gonna call his phone to see if it’s on or something idk... or maybe I should just move on ?

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