We announced! πŸ’•


We finally announced to social media! Most of our friends and family knew, but we made it public last night! We heard the heartbeat Monday and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard πŸ’“ we also heard the baby moving and kicking! My midwife said that we have a very veryyy active baby cause usually she can’t hear that at 12 weeks! She also confirmed that since baby is so active I probably have been feeling him/her wiggling in there! My uterus is already pretty high and she was able to measure with no problem and I’m measuring perfectly with where I’m supposed to be! Also in other fantastic news, my progesterone shot up to 56.6 from 20.8 two weeks ago! So the placenta is doing its job and I can now wean myself off the medicine! This has been such an exciting week. Thank you everyone for being a part of our journey! πŸ’•