Probably not getting a baby this month

So, hubby and I have been trying for baby #2. We've struck out the last few months. This month, hubby has been working overtime, due to cutbacks at his job. So, often he comes home exhausted. When I'm in the mood, he's tired. And when he's in the mood, I'm sleeping. And he's doesn't want to wake me up, because he feels I'm not getting enough sleep. So, this month we were going to just try really hard around my fertile window. Either every day or every other day. Especially on the days with the highest chances of pregnancy. As you can see, that didn't happen. He was just so exhausted from work. He works outside. We live in Florida. It's always hot and humid and it drains you. So, I'm not very hopeful of a baby this month. I know I should be patient and keep trying. I know sperm can survive for five days and anything is possible. But, I'm still feeling down about this month.