He Cheated and Now I need space.

My bf and I have been together for over a year. He recently moved in.

A girl messaged me and told me that he had slept with her last week. He lied about it numerous times but once she sent me proof he admitted to it. I kicked him out.

I lost my job to covid and have had trouble finding a new one. So I’m financially dependent on him. My family can’t help me at all and I moved states away after college so I don’t know anyone in my area.

I can’t kick this idiot out of my life because my child and I need him. I found a job today but have no money of my own and to make matters worse my car broke down a few days ago this cheater is having to take me places and help me with my baby.

In order to have his help until my first check I told him we could try and work it out. But I don’t want him seeing my naked or anything, I won’t sleep with him for fear of diseases and he repulses me.

Today he had to take me to work and after work I wanted to take a bubble bath. I have a head cold (not covid) and so I wanted just 5 minutes to myself. He used to sit in there with me but I’m not comfortable with that anymore. I wanted to take this bubble bath alone and now he’s freaking out saying I’m talking to other people and saying he’s not going to help me and my child. I’m not talking to anyone. He’s saying I’m hiding stuff, etc. It was to the point where he picked the lock and came in and said “I’m just getting the laundry” like it’s not your laundry to do, and it wasn’t an excuse to invade my privacy. So he screamed at me and said “I’ll be sorry”. And “he’s gone”.

I’m so tired of him but my rent is $1500 and my landlords are Dicks. I’m trying to get into low income but I’m waiting for my babies birth certificate and social card so I can apply. I also have to figure out how to get a car. I don’t ask this guy for anything, he volunteers so idk why he’s suddenly asking for me to “repay him for everything he’s ever done for me”. I just want him gone. He acts like he can just go and cheat and everything will be okay and back to normal with us. Which is NOT going to happen.

Also today That girl he slept with sent me messages between my them where he told her “I lock my baby in her room”. I use a baby gate, that’s not locking her in her room and I do that because I have a small dog I don’t want getting in her room and in her crib. He also told her that I don’t clean and I leave diapers everywhere which is also not true. I even confronted him about it and he apologized for lying.

I hate this man and I want him out of my life forever.