This took me by surprise šŸ˜³

Samantha ā€¢ Grateful mama of 2 šŸ’ž

First of all......

Ya know, the woman who just posted early this week that I was entering my TWW? Well, turns out I was way wrong. I based ovulation off of my BBT this cycle, my ovulation tests got close to positive, so i quit taking them thinking I was going to get a positive soon. And I guessed my ovulation this cycle. BIG MISTAKE. The last few days, I've been more moody, and I've had cramps consistently. I decided "oh what the hell, I'll take another ovulation test just because". Turns out, IM ACTUALLY OVULATING!? Do you know why this is huge? I didn't think I could ovulate on my own, mainly due to very irregular periods and we are on 2 years of TTC our second child. Here's a picture of the BLAZING positive ovulation test I just got. The test line showed up before it even hit the control line!!! This is also our last cycle without any medication. If we dont conceive this cycle, we start Letrozole next cycle to help my body ovulate. Wish us luck guys!!!!! Here's to starting over on the TWW again! šŸ¤žšŸ»