L&D today at 35 weeks

I am 35 weeks and 2 days today. On Monday, the dr told me I was 1cm dialated and 60% effaced. Well I woke up today very crampy and with a lot of pressure in my butt! My doctor told me to go to L&D. When I got there they checked me and said I was still a 1 and baby was really high! I was having some contractions so they took my blood and urine and all tests came back normal. After a few hours she checked me and said I was a little over 2cm dialated and she could feel baby’s head! They filled me up with fluids and sent me home because I wasn’t progressing fast.

I am still sooo crampy, have so much pressure in my vagina and butt, and can’t get comfy. I wonder how long this early laboring will last 🤦🏻‍♀️