Relationship advice?

I dont really know how to feel about these things so please give me advice. I have been with boyfriend for alomst 2 years. Lately hes just been acting different then he used to. He had posted a picture of me on instagram a year ago (the only pic he ever posted of me) and a couple months ago I "hacked" his account and said "hacked I love you sm" with a goofy pic of me. He deleted both pics randomly one day. I asked him why and he said "I swear to god I didnt delete those, im changing my insta password." A part of me feels like hes lying because it doesnt make sense. Another thing is that he doesnt text me nearly as much as he used to. He always says that hes busy helping his gma or dad or he always has some kind of excuse like sorry my phone is screwed up and stuff. I want to believe him, it just seems weird he always has an excuse. I always go out of my way to text him like even staying up til 3 am just in case he texts. Can someone please give advice!!