Toddler and language


My husband and I's first language is spanish. We have a two year old who is fluent in English but can speak some words and phrases in spanish when she wants to. We speak to her in both languages but most of the time in English because it's what comes naturally for us when we talk to her. Both of our families don't agree with this because they think she should know spanish as first language and then english, and they're always commenting how they never hear her talk spanish and honestly it's starting to make me feel like we're parenting her wrong 😳 personally, I don't see a problem with her knowing more english and just little bit of spanish right now. When my family and I moved to the US, I was 8 years old and didn't speak any english at all. It was very difficult for me to socialize with other children and to communicate with my teachers because I didn't understand them and they didn't understand me. Right now my daughter has been very successful making friends with toddlers her age and much older than her and it just makes me so happy and proud of her 🥺 also, just knowing that she won't struggle once she starts daycare and pre-k gives me peace of mind.

How are other bilingual parents raising their kids? Is my family right about focusing on teaching her our first language first and then english? Should we do both languages at the same time?