C-section pp sex?

I'm only 4 weeks pp and haven't been checked by obgyn yet.

I'm very scared of hurting my scar/wound.

It was poorly put together and is still not entirely closed yet.

I've already felt like I was ripping open when I made a bad move about 2 weeks ago so I'm extra careful now, I'm also extra scared now.

Now if I would have had vaginal birth I'd go on how I felt.. But since my uterus was sliced open, I really don't want to do anything that can potentially put extra pressure on my uterus (or other reproductive organs)

Anyways husband and I were wanting sex tonight and it was so hard to say no.. We didn't do it anyways, but when I got aroused (by kissing & touching him) something hurt inside of me so it probably wasn't the best time either..


Yes, that's what I meant.

@all commenters:

Thx for commenting.. I do feel kinda guilty to not being able to have sex, definitely when my husband is so aroused as he was today. I know it's not my fault.. But it's still a bit of mental pressure to both want sex but not being able to because my body won't let me 😕