Hi, I just got bloodwork done for my thyroid I originally had it done by my gyno due to intense periods and pain,

I was told to make an appointment with an endocrinologist because it was at 10.6...flash forwards to my endo appointment i was told my levels were normal except I was TPO positive at a level of 228.0 and that i’m prone to autoimmune disorders. I was also told I don’t have to take medication til I try for pregnancy but would this effect my chances of getting pregnant? I’m only 18 so i’m just thinking about my future because I do want kids, I just worry my health impairs my chances. I’m also having extreme health issues right now, I’m just unsure what this information means because they just kinda shrugged me off, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

EDIT: I’m making an appointment monday for a different endocrinologist because the one I was seeing wasn’t very helpful and he’s leaving and won’t be there anymore in two weeks.