Sex after baby, he doesnt want to- help

So I will be 8 weeks postpartum on Tuesday and have been cleared for sex since my postpartum appointment at 5 weeks. So for almost 3 weeks I have been given the go ahead to have sex again.

I really want to, but my boyfriend doesn’t. I have no idea how to be intimate with him anymore. It’s like ever since I gave birth all we do is kiss when he leaves home. And like a quick peck goodbye. He barely touches me. And I don’t even mean sexually really, i mean even if we’re watching a movie or something he sits away from me. It’s just little things I’ve noticed. Sometimes i feel like we’re not even a couple anymore. I’ve asked him if something is wrong or if we’re okay and he assures me everything is more than okay.

Well anyway I’ve tried to initiate sex with him and he just shoots me down. I try not to press it because I dont want to force him obviously but I do ask why, and he just says he’s paranoid of having another baby. I got an IUD put in and I try explaining that Im on birth control but he still says no. I even told him he can wear a condom too but he still won’t go for it. I’ve asked if it’s me, if he’s not attracted to me now since I have had a baby and he says that’s not it. He just doesnt want a baby. Which annoys me because he says it as if I do want another or as if Im wanting to have sex with him to have another baby. He’s not the only one that doesn’t want another baby any time soon. I’m the one that actually had to go through pregnancy, childbirth and the recovery. I’m pretty sure I want a baby even less than he does which is why I went for the IUD. I’ve caught him watching porn about three times now which doesn’t bother me normally but now it does a bit because he’s turning down sex with me to watch that instead.

Has anyone ever been through this? What do i do? I just feel like our relationship has ended.