A spa-like birthing experience?


So I just found out that my birthing hospital in the U.K. is supposedly one of the very best... but, they don’t actually have “beds” in your birthing room... all the rooms are designed with what’s described as “spa-like facilities” including your own birthing bath, yoga balls and mats, squatting straps, and mood lighting... all to encourage an “active natural birth” and all the midwives are trained in yoga and hypnobirthing techniques.

I’m not sure how I feel about this because my birth plan with my first was called “no pain” so I had ALL the drugs. I actually regret that now bc my son was too sleepy to latch and that led to a horrible breastfeeding journey that ended with a hospital stay for infection after only 6 weeks. Still... I’m not sure I can handle completely natural.

Any tips? Words of encouragement?