Upper stomach pain.


I’m 21 weeks, 5 days with my third pregnancy. Last night I woke up at 3:45 am with terrible upper stomach pain (under my ribs, above my belly button area), it hurt so bad that I couldn’t tell if it was inside of my stomach or just my muscles hurting. I took Tylenol to try and relax my body, but ended up throwing up so that didn’t help. I walked around the house hoping it would help (laying down made the pain 10x worse) then around 5:15 am the pain finally started to dull down enough for me to start dozing off, but only in a sitting position. As soon as I’d lay down, the pain would instantly start to get worse. I have been crampy all day now, but only in my lower stomach. I called the nurse today and she has no idea what could have caused it, she just said I could come in tomorrow to be seen (she wants my blood pressure taken). I’m wondering if it’s my gallbladder, but I haven’t had greasy food in the last 48 hours. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what it ended up being / what helped the pain? I am so scared of it happening again because of how awful the pain was and the unknown of what is causing it.