my apartment has an infestation ?

I’m currently living in a one bedroom apartment and I’m paying $916 a month and at first i had lots of spiders inside and outside my house but now i have these huge water bugs.

My daughter sleeps with me and one night a couple months ago i just so happen to wake up and see a big spider crawling right by her and i instantly hit it with my hands even though I’m terrified and last night i woke up to something crawling on me and it was a huge water bug and I’m terrified of those too so i screamed and instantly panicked and me my daughter was up 5 in the morning just watching cartoons because i was to scared to go back to sleep and she wouldn’t go back.

This morning i woke up and i seen a half dead water bug and idk if i mistakenly stepped on it or hit it when i turned on the bedroom light and I’m constantly seeing these long hardback worms in my apartment curled up or still living.

I’ve been spraying my apartment like crazy everyday and I’m at a Point where I’m getting annoyed because I’m paying $916 a month for this place and I’m constantly scared to go to sleep in my own apartment or constantly waking up and checking on my daughter or looking up at the ceilings or walls.

My neighbor posted letters on everyone doors and said she’s tired of it too and had someone come out to her apartment and he said there’s definitely an infestation and that she spoke with the office and they didn’t do anything.

I didn’t have this problem when i first moved in because i pretty sure i seen men outside spraying the apartments but the last couple months i haven’t seen them at all and I’m at a breaking point because my apartment is clean and idk where there coming in at.

My patio is closed and my windows are closed because i never open them.

I’ve been spraying my vents and I’m starting to think that’s where they’re coming in at maybe idk.

Is there anyway i could fix this problem or make the people in the office listen ?