first appt today!!

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so at 2pm today i will have my first appt for this pregnancy ...... i am having a early scan because of the miscarriage i had in july.... saying i’m nervous and a emotional wreck is a under statement .... i wish i was further along so i could get some real info today .. last pregnancy was a roller coaster .. found out mother’s day .. went in should have been 6 weeks baby was measuring about 4 and over the following 5 weeks it never grew bigger than 6.1 weeks and always had a slow hb till i finally miscarried july 3rd.. it was my 4 miscarriage but had 2 healthy pregnancies in between the 3rd mc and the july one...

so today i can be between 4.3 (ovulation)and 5.5(lmp) so as long as i fall in between that i’ll be happy and enjoy until my next appt hen they hopefully tell me more

** UPDATE***

well they couldn’t see much just yet as i thought but everything looks ok and my sac is measuring 41/2-5 weeks(and maybe something in it he said it’s just tiny )so that’s good for my timing and there’s no free fluid like last time now i go back in 10 days i should be about 6 weeks so we shall see how it’s just a waiting game