Is it dumb to be mad?

Chaya happily 💍❤️ttc 👶🏻hopefully soon 🙏🏻

So my husband and I were invited to his cousins wedding 2 hours away from home. We got a hotel room for the night before and we would leave the day after the wedding so basically fri-sun. The wedding was to be at 3 pm so we didn’t want to feel rushed so that’s why we left Friday night. We woke up the next morning to a message that said that wedding was cancelled and it will be rescheduled, hopefully you hadn’t left yet. I replied saying we were already in town and only got a ❤️ for a response. So we had to find some other shit to do since we already paid for the hotel and I wasn’t gonna waste the money for it. Got home and carried on like normal to come and find out the cousin did in fact get married! Like WTF?!? I could have saved the money that was spent the entire weekend on other things. Is it wrong to be mad? My husband is beyond pissed.