Thought this was my month


I’m trying not to beat myself up, because well, it is going to work out.. right?

I was 12 days late for my period this month! Now, I’ve been late before, but not like that. I thought this is it! Then every pregnancy test I took was negative. 😬 I wasn’t getting my hopes ups, but still kinda praying... please?!? 🤞🏻🤞🏻😊

I was already have a stupidly rough morning. I was taking my 5yr old off to school when I got there the drop off line was like twice the normal size. So, I had to walk him up. (Mind you I was not prepared to get out of my car. I looked like a hot mess) The dog is trying to eat my sons clothes, like why is this utter chaos happening today. Then she shows up.... AF! 12 days late and not one but sorry! I was so numb. 😔

All I’ve wanted to be since I was a little girl was a Mom and to have the big family! I know I’ll never have the bi g family part, but I’ve always wanted at least 2. Maybe next month. 🤞🏻 *Baby Dust* to all! 🤗 and thank you for listening.