Lonely and boring marriage

Hey guys. I need some honesty. Me and my husband have been married for 7 yrs with 3 children 7 yrs and under. I know kids can keep you busy but this just don’t feel right. We lost interest with each other to where we don’t feel like having sex and hardly go out anymore for Just quality time. It feels like we are just complacent in our roles of parenthood and work that we lost sight of us. So this week, I tried to check and see if my husband wanted to spend time with me. He just brushed me off and told me he needed to work cuz he was on his laptop.

But hell the only time we can get time is for quickies but that’s getting old to me now. I want some time to feel adored again and loved.

But Is this normal? Hell im only 30 and I feel like we some old ass couple. Like what happened to the fun. What can I do? Any advice?