Higher than normal temps and chart this month?


Hey ☺️

So been having higher than normal BBT throughout AF and steady rise again now even though I don’t think I am going to ovulate for another day or 2 yet (got first positive OPK this cycle today)

Usually my temp stays lower after AF then has a dip again before ovulation then jumps right up. I do have a new warmer duvet which could explain some increase to all temps but not the slow rise now as I changed duvet on CD1. Any ideas?! I also seem to be ovulating earlier this month too. My temp normally stays around 36.2 ish until after ovulation when I get a sudden spike.

Possibly related- I was 4 days late for AF last cycle and had no PMS symptoms like I normally do either. Just sudden pains and bleeding.

Confused?! 🤔