Best done?

Little Miss Ana • “When stupidity is considered patriotism it is unsafe to be intelligent.” 🧠 Chaotic Catholic 💁🏻‍♀️ queer 🌈 1 John 4:20 🙏🏼 I like making films 🎬

I recently started using a photo editing app and my favorite tool on it is definitely urban portrait style. Did all of these pictures with that filter and I’m wondering which are your favorites 😊 pics with captions below.

1: me, idk where it was originally taken

2: my cousin as a baby, touching an old photo of his parents’ wedding ♥️

3: my younger cousin and my kid brother ♥️ they were at the movies when it was taken

4: my older cousin, trying to mirror this painting of Rosie the Riveter 😆

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