Scared baby is too big

Olivia • 🌱

So I have a history of macrosomia, my body makes babies that are much too big. I’m 5’0, 100lb pre pregnancy and very slender size 00 in pants, narrow hips and small pelvis. My children have all been very huge. My son was 9lb 8oz. He could hardly make it through the birth canal. He got stuck and almost died, I was pushing for hours but his shoulders were too wide and he finally came out unresponsive. It was very scary and traumatizing for me. I was promised if this baby was threatening to be huge too, we would play it safe with induction at 40 weeks. At my 36 week scan, he was measuring 7 lb 8oz via ultrasound and my doctor decided I can probably safely go to 41 weeks. 41 weeks? I don’t want to be induced but at the same time I do because I don’t want my baby getting stuck again and going through that trauma or worrying about his life! I’m 39 weeks 4 days now and no signs of labor... and I can tell this baby is huge. I feel like he’s probably 10 lb at this point I’m not even kidding.