What would you do if your sister (yes, blood) charged at you with a huge designer lamp , & put her hands on you while your pregnant ?

So basically .... I got caught in the middle of a crossfire.. my mom & stepdad were arguing & slamming things... slamming everything. So I got up asked my stepdad & sister what’s wrong w mom.. nobody looked at me or said anything. I went back to the room I was in & text my mom checking up on her.. she said what happened & said she was leaving (idk where she was going) but I heard them start back arguing & screaming & slamming shit & my mom was in the car pressing on the gas. So my 10 yo brother came in the room & said “kam, they’re scaring..” & walked out as if he were about to cry.. I got up to check on him & before I could even get my words out to ask him if he wanted to just come lay in the bed w me, my stepdad started going OFF on me. & I mean cussing me out something crucial y’all.. so disrespectfully, I kept asking him why he was talking to me like that & he kept saying that I went inside my brothers room & woke them up & was trying to get them to leave with me.. (I wasn’t going anywhere tho 😕) my brothers kept telling him “no she didn’t, we weren’t even sleep cause y’all keep yelling & slamming everything” so then my sister jumped in & started going off as well.. & by that time .. I’m confused as hell. & I’m leaving out the door. I call my other sister to tell her what’s going on & I hear my sister running to me I turn around she’s got this big lamp & soon as she gets up to me. My stepdad literally holds my arms to my sides so I cant move.. letting my sister do all that she could to me. I kept calling my mom she wouldn’t answer. Then she finally did & I told her what she did & she said “idc, you stole her phone” (they kept saying I stole my sister phone 😂 I won’t pick up .25 cents that’s not mine!!!!) I let police search my car & all I didn’t Have her phone, so my mom turns my phone off now I’m out of a phone.. they want me to drop charges so my sister don’t go to jail.. my aunt keeps telling me “it’s the right thing to do by God” but what if something would have happened to my baby? I know this is long but what would y’all do?

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