Help me confused

So i posted here last time that my period was 5 days late, BFN and no AF. Right after i tested, i had light spotting. I thought it was AF but 3 days later it never got heavy and didnt fill up a pantyliner at all. Im confused why my period is soo wonky this month. Can i even call this a period? Or is it not a period? How can i start tracking opk when i cant even tell when CD1 is 😭😭😭 Gosh why is this sooo hard? I tested 3 days ago and it was BFN. So I know i am not pregnant. Im so frustrated.

Sorry for the TMI picture. But this is what my spotting looks like for 3 days. Can i call this period? I usually have bad cramps when i have AF but this time i dont have any pain at all.

This is my 7th cycle TTC and this never ever happened before.

Thanks so much for ur insight.